Sample Letter Requesting A Missing Invoice
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Sample Letter Requesting A Missing Invoice

Sometimes it may happen that someone in accounting misses sending you an invoice for an order. At such times you should contact the accounting department and ask them to send you the invoice if one has been issued.
In your email, it is important to mention the order number or the name of which company you are emailing them (unless of course it is added in your signature).
Here are some sample letters/emails requesting missing invoices:

Missing Monthly Invoice

1. I can’t find invoice number #1111 in my database and I was wondering if you could please send it to me?

2. According to our accounting department, we are missing invoices for April, May, June, and October. Could you please send them to my email?

3. Checking the invoices received I noticed that there is an invoice missing for the usage of March. Could you please send it to me?

4. Could you please send me a list of all invoices sent to our company? I think we have a missing invoice, but I will be able to confirm once I see the reference.

5. We have a missing invoice for December. Please check and send it to me in case you missed it.

6. May I kindly ask you to check if you have sent me all invoices for our company?

7. Could you please send me a statement of all outstanding invoices?

8. I had problems with my email last week and have not received the monthly invoice. Could you please forward it to me again?

Missing Invoice For A Purchase

1. On the 13th of January, we received the goods but we haven’t received the invoice. Could you please send it to me?

2. I’m writing to you regarding an order placed on the 14th of March. I couldn’t find the invoice. May I please ask you to send it to me as soon as possible? You can send it to this email – (EMAIL).

3. We received the following goods yesterday:
I would like to request an invoice for the received items.
In case you have questions or if you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to call me at the following numbers:
Direct: +1111
Mobile: +1112

4. I’m writing to you on behalf of company (COMPANY). We’ve ordered you (ITEMS). I’ve noticed that you haven’t issued an invoice against the purchase. I’m requesting you to please send it to me as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance!

5. After an internal check, we cannot find an invoice issued for order number 1111. Please send it to us at your earliest convenience.
Let us know if additional data is needed on our end.
We truly appreciate all your assistance!

6. I received order number 1111 on the 7th of June. Unfortunately, I have not received an invoice for the order since then. Please send it to the email address from which I am writing to you.

7. Thank you for the received products. Unfortunately, I don’t find an invoice. Could you please send it to me in the following email – (EMAIL).

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