Subject Line For Thank You Email After Meeting
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Subject Line For Thank You Email After Meeting

Most of the meetings you arrange are initiated to gain some benefit for you. So you need to be very tactful with every word in person or via email. To make sure there are no blunders we have prepared some sample subject lines for you to send after your meeting. But before that, you can find out what a subject line actually is and what it should look like when you write an email after a meeting.

What is a subject line?

A subject line is an informative way to briefly describe what the email is about. Depending on the subject line, some people may ignore an email because they think it doesn’t concern them or that the subject isn’t interesting enough. Therefore, it is important when writing an email that the subject line is intriguing enough to give information about what to expect in the body of the email.

What does the best subject line for a thank you email after a meeting look like?

You should be polite – try to show respect and express yourself formally.

You must be concise – your subject line should be simple and not very long. This means drawing attention to yourself with a few short words. You shouldn’t get caught up in long explanations in the subject line itself because you will lose interest very quickly and the person on the other side may miss your message.

You need to be intriguing – this means grabbing attention so that the meeting attendee opens your email and you will get the most out of this meeting.

What to include in the subject line for thank you email after a meeting?

Most importantly say thank you or show in some way how exciting the meeting was. Get the other person’s attention with a few words.

Include something personal, something that doesn’t sound like you are writing it to each person – such as noting when the meeting took place – yesterday/today or noting what specific topic you discussed. The more special this person feels the more they will open the door to you and trust you more.

No grammatical errors! We know you’ll get the hang of this part, but let us remind you anyway. Even a minor spelling or grammar mistake would look ridiculous.

30 Subject line examples

1. Thank you for attending the meeting!
2. Thank you for the interesting meeting!
3. Thank you for your time!
4. Your time is much appreciated!
5. I hope you found our meeting very informative!
6. It was a pleasure having lunch with you!
7. I’m glad I had the chance to meet you!
8. It was a pleasure to meet you in person!
9. Appreciation and recap of yesterday’s meeting!
10. Thank you for the amazing dinner!
11. It’s been great seeing you!
12. I really enjoyed our meeting!
13. Thanks for the meeting! Hope to see you again.
14. With Gratitude!
15. Thank you for joining the call!
16. Thank you for coming to my office!
17. My gratitude for our meeting yesterday!
18. Follow up after yesterday’s meeting
19. Thank you for taking the time to discuss (TOPIC)!
20. Thank you for your valuable time!
21. Thank you for spending time with me!
22. Thank you for the meeting! You just made my day!
23. Thank you for your time, it’s much appreciated!
24. It was a pleasure spending two hours with you!
25. I welcome your opinion!
26. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to have a meeting with me!
27. Thank you for your cooperation!
28. Thank you for your time earlier today!
29. Thank you for your advice!
30. It was great to meet you!

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