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20 Best Subject Line for Complaint Email

In this article, we will talk about how to create a strong subject line for a complaint email and we will show you 20 of the best examples. The subject line is the first impression that you give your receiver, so it is very important to make it count.

There are many ways to create a strong subject line. Some of them can be found in the following list:

1) Start with a question

2) Show your disappointment

3) Mention it’s urgent

Tips Before You Start Typing Your Email

1) Stop feeling frustrated – A common problem is that people are writing their emails when they are feeling frustrated. First, they need to calm down. Learn how to manage your reactions and prevent frustration before you talk or send an email to anyone.
2) Make your email formal – Making a complaint doesn’t mean that you need to be rude. Use professional greetings and endings. Two examples of this would be “Good morning” and “Regards”, “Dear Sir” and “Sincerely”.
3) Don’t forget to look for compensation – You have signed a contract you have expectations when they don’t meet them you need to ask for a discount, replacement, etc.

Here are the Best 20 Subject Lines for Complaint Email

1) Complaint about a product
2) Inquiry about your product
3) Feedback
4) Disappointed with your product
5) Unhappy customer
6) Irresponsible behavior
7) Bad service
8) I have a complaint
9) Urgent Feedback Needed
10) Product Concern
11) Concerns
12) Problem – (specify the problem)
13) Product Defect
14) Service interruption
15) Escalation email
16) Service Issue
17) Disconnection of service
18) Complain about your service
19) Fix the problem urgently
20) Outage – take immediate action

Examples of What Your Complaint Email Should Look Like


Dear Mr. Williams,
I’m writing to you to bring a complaint about the service I received on the 3rd of June.
I was served by the person who was taking my order. I was not satisfied with their level of customer service and would like to make a formal complaint against them.
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,


Dear Mr./Mrs.,
I’m writing to complain about the service I received yesterday. I was on the phone for over an hour, only to be told that staff members were unavailable to help me then. It was a great inconvenience to me and my business, and it was not my fault. I feel as though your customer service is lacking. I would like some form of compensation or apology in order to make up for this experience.


To whom it may concern,
I’m not satisfied with the service I have been receiving from your company. I have been noticing errors and wrong information on my reports and find it very hard to trust what you say is right. I have been reading up on your terms and conditions and find some very concerning aspects of what’s written that are not reflected in my own experience.
I hope to hear from you soon about how this will be fixed, otherwise, I will be canceling my account.
Best regards,

How to Write a Complaint Email

Writing a complaint email might be a vexing task, but it’s worth the effort. If you want to get your issue resolved, you need to take the time to write a well-written email. Here are some tips on how to write an effective complaint email:

1) Make sure that you have all the necessary details required before writing your email.

2) Be polite and cordial throughout your email.

3) Provide a summary of the problem and how it was resolved (if it’s already resolved). This will help in understanding your complaint better.

4) Mention things that make you happy as well as unhappy with the product or service as well as any other general feedback.

5) Provide solutions if applicable like exchange of goods or refund.

Why the Subject Line is Important

The subject line is the first thing your recipient will see when opening your email. It needs to be short less than 50 characters and to the point, but also enticing enough to make them want to open it.

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