Hope You Had A Great Weekend

10 Other Ways to Say “Hope You Had A Great Weekend”

What is the Meaning?

Hope you had a great weekend is a phrase that is used to wish someone in person or by email after they have spent some time with friends, and family, or doing something else during the weekends.

When you use the phrase in an email you are showing concern and interest in the other party. Sometimes you might be genuinely interested because, for example, you were discussing what you were going to do over the weekend, other times it could simply be a friendly greeting.

Can I Say “Hope you HAVE had a great weekend”?

Present Perfect Simple is used in this sentence, which means that the action is still going on. In our case, we want to tell the recipient that we hope his or her past weekend was great. That’s why we have to use the Past Simple.
In answer to the question, no, you should NOT use “Hope you’ve had a great weekend”.

Is It Professional to Say “Hope you had a great weekend”

Yes, it’s totally fine. You can use it when talking internally within the company with colleagues or use it when you communicate with customers or people outside the company.
However, when you make first contact with someone, it is better to use one of the following sentences:

”I hope this email finds you well!”
”I hope all is well on your end!”
I trust this email finds you in good health!”

Can I Say “Hope you had a great weekend” on Tuesday?

It’s best to use it only Mondays and especially mornings. However, you can use it later hours but it is not recommended.

10 Alternatives of “Hope you had a great weekend”

1) Hope you had a lovely weekend!
2) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
3) Hope you had a good time off!
4) I hope you are doing well!
5) I hope this email finds you well.
6) I hope this email finds you well and in good health.
7) Hope your day and the new week started great!
8) I trust you had a restful weekend!
9) I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
10) I hope you’re having a terrific day.

How to Respond to “Hope you had a great weekend” in Email?

• I had a great time, thanks for asking.
• Thanks for asking, it was actually very good. I was able to get some good rest.
• Actually It was a sleepy weekend. I managed to relax and recharge. What about you?
• I managed to both rest and get very tired, but overall it was a great weekend.
• It was a very fun weekend, I hope your weekend was fun too.
• I was able to fully rest. Thanks for asking. What about you?
• It was a busy weekend, but I’m not complaining. How was yours?
• It was great, thank you and I hope it was the same for you.
• The weather was great and we were able to gather outdoors.
• It was great but exhausting, how was your weekend?
• Not so bad, I’ve had nicer weekends anyway, how was your weekend?
• It was really amazing, I got to visit many interesting places.

Should I Use “I hope’’ or “Hope’’?

This is the so-called ellipsis – omission from writing a word. It’s grammatically fine to use both options ‘’I hope’’ and ‘’Hope’’ but in formal communication is preferred to use ‘’I hope’’.

Sample Emails


Subject: Follow-up Email

Hey there!

Hope you had a great weekend! I had a great time catching up with you at the party. I’m so glad that you are interested in learning more about our outreach tool. Our team can help make sure that your business grows and your customers convert easily, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!



Subject: Contracts – KFP Limited

Hey Jessica,

Hope you had a great weekend! When you are available could you please send me all contracts for customer KFP Limited? I will need them for the meeting I have on Tuesday.

Thank you in advance!



The meaning of “Hope you had a great weekend” is positive and encouraging in its intent. It is also an expression of optimism and happiness that the recipient wants to wish for the person receiving it. You won’t regret it if you include it in your email.

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