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20 Other Ways to Say ”Keep Me Updated”

It is important to stay updated on any ongoing task that you have. When you know what is happening even if the updates are not good you can know how to react in the most expeditious manner possible.

That’s why when you want to keep up to date with things you have to initiate your own desire to be informed when there are any updates.

In this article, we’ll provide some alternatives for the phrase ”keep me updated” and answer the most searched questions about it.

What is the Meaning of ”Keep Me Updated”?

”Keep me updated” means to inform a person about any developments on a particular subject.
For example, when your boss gives you a task and at the end of his email he writes you ”Please keep me updated”. This means that when you finish the task or have some development on it you should inform him.
This can be something as simple as when a customer places an order and they ask for periodic updates.

10 Other Ways to Say ”Keep Me Updated”

1. Keep me posted/informed.

Posted, updated, and informed combined with ”keep” have a similar meaning. The phrases are more casual and you use them in conversation with friends, colleagues, boss, etc. If you communicate with a client there are more formal ways to ask them to keep you updated on any changes, developments, etc.

2. Let me know as soon as you get more information.

This expression also has a common meaning and it is very broad.

3. Notify me of any changes.

This phrase can be used when, for example, there is an interruption to a service and you want to be notified when it is restored.

A: We are experiencing an outage caused by a global issue.
B: Okay. Notify me of any changes.

4. Looking forward to your feedback when you have any news.

Generally, when someone says they are looking forward to your feedback, they are anticipating positive feedback.

5. Inform me when you complete this assignment.

This might be heard by your immediate supervisor to let him or her know that you have accomplished what you were supposed to do.

6. Keep me up to date.

It is not a formal way of requesting information or updates and it can be seen as rude by some people.

7. Inform me once you have any updates.

This expression again means that you should notify the sender when there has been a change in the status of something.

8. Contact me when you have more clarity on this.

This means that you don’t need to constantly send updates. You should contact the sender when the issue/case is almost or fully clarified.

9. Keep me in the loop.

”Keep me in the loop” has been a buzzword in the business world of late.

10. Keep me updated on any developments.

The phrase is often used to keep a person updated about important developments.

Keep me Updated

10 More Expressions to Say ”Keep Me Updated”

11. I just wanted to ask if you could update me as soon as you get information on the progress of the latest project.
12. I was wondering if you could keep me updated on the latest news regarding the office renovations.
13. I am interested in any updates on this client’s issue, so feel free to call me when there are any developments.
14. I would love to be updated with the latest news in the company.
15. I’m very interested in the technology industry and would appreciate you keeping me up to date with the latest developments.
16. I was wondering if you could keep me updated on what’s happening around our competitors.
17. Please keep me notified of any important changes and updates on this matter.
18. Could you keep me updated on any new product launches and other opportunities?
19. Would you be so kind as to notify me when you have new information about this product?
20. Would you mind sending me your latest catalog once it is released?

Frequently Asked Questions Using the Phrase ”Keep Me Updated”

What are More Formal Ways to Say ”Keep Me Updated”?

Separate examples of informal phrases to say ”keep me updated” and a more formal way to say it.

Informal: If you have any updates, please let me know!
Formal: Please keep me updated on your progress.

Informal: Keep me posted.
Formal: Please inform me as soon as you get any updates.

Informal: Make sure to keep me in the loop.
Formal: Would you mind keeping me updated on this matter?

Informal: Send updates my way.
Formal: Please keep me updated if any news comes up.

You can add phrases like ”Please”, ”Would you” or ”Could you” to make your expression more formal.

What to Reply to the Expression ”Keep Me Updated”?

1) Nothing – you don’t have to explain yourself. When you have some progress you will report it.
2) I’ll do my best – if you still want to confirm that you heard or saw the message, you can say ”I’ll do my best”. This answer is a safe bet, as it doesn’t mean anything specific.
Another similar response is ”I will do my best to keep you updated on whatever happens next.”
3) Sure – Saying “sure” to “keep me updated” is an easy and simple way to make a confirmation but it can also be a polite and effective response.

In addition to your reply, you can say how long you think it will take until you are done.

Where in Your Email Should You Insert ”Keep Me Updated”?

The most appropriate position of the expression is right after your request, clarification, or complaint. Here is an example:

keep me updated in email

If you want to find more examples requesting an update in an email you can check here.


“Keeping someone up to date” on a particular subject usually means informing them of any important changes that have occurred. Depending on the context, this could be in the form of email, text messages, or even personal phone calls.

If you have a business or working in a corporation and deal with customer requests on a daily basis, you can check out this article on how to keep the client updated.

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