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Can I Say “Thank You for Getting Back to Me”? + Many Examples

You can definitely use the phrase “Thank you for getting back to me”. You can use it in formal correspondence as well as more casual conversation.
In this post, we’ll explain what the meaning is when to use the phrase and lots more additional information presented with examples.

What is the Мeaning of “Thank You for Getting Back to Me”?

It means thanking someone for reaching out to you again after a certain period of time has gone past.
For example, it can be used when you have spoken to someone about a particular topic, a few days or weeks go by and the same person comes back to you again about that particular topic.
In other words, it can be paraphrased as “Thank you for contacting me again”.


Dear Sam,
Thank you for getting back to me!
We are glad to hear that you have decided to renew your service with us. Could you please let us know which option you have chosen – a 1 or 3-year commitment?

Here’s another example where you’ve spoken to a client about the details of a new offer and they come back a few days later with another inquiry about that offer:


Hello Liam,
Thank you for getting back to us.
The duration of the license is in accordance with your current agreement in which all existing licenses align with the same end date in the system.
Kind regards,

Another case where you can say ”Thank you for getting back to me” is when you’ve sent several messages to the other person and they don’t reply, but after the second message, for example, they decide to reply:


A: It seems there’s a mismatch in the period which is for 11 months, not 12. Could you please amend it in the order?
А: Any update on this one, please? We are waiting for your urgent feedback as the customer is pushing us.
B: I have sent the new order to the team informing them that this has to be processed.
A: Thank you for getting back to me! I hope they will be able to process it as soon as possible.

Another example is when you just want to thank someone for getting back to you very quickly:


Hi Noah,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly with my query.
It’s great that I received your answer today.
Have a great day!

Alternatives to “Thank You for Getting Back to Me”

Here are a few options to replace the expression “Thank you for getting back to me”:

Thank you for your response.
Thank you for letting me know.
Thanks so much for replying.
Thank you for the follow-up.

Thank you for your response to my email.
Thank you for informing me.
Thank you for the information.
Thank you for reaching out to me.

Alternatives to “Thank you for getting back to me''

*Tip – note that “thank you” is more formal than “thanks”, also “response” is more formal than “reply”.

Can I Say “Thanks for Getting Back to Me”?

This phrase can be used in a conversational setting. It is not, however, appropriate to use it in a formal setting.

Thanks for getting back to me. It was really helpful to hear that you’re still going strong after all these years, and I can’t wait to see you next week.”

What Are the Synonyms for “Getting Back to Me”?

These are 7 synonyms for the phrase “getting back to me”:

1. Contacting Me Again
2. Following up on Me
3. Getting in Touch with Me
4. Keeping in Touch with Me
5. Reach Out To Me
6. Responding to Your Inquiry
7. Responding to Your Message

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