How to Say You Want A Raise
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How to Say You Want A Raise

Are you doing a great job at your workplace? Do you finish all your tasks on time? Then why don’t you ask for a promotion?
In this post, we will show you how to say to your boss that you want a raise in your salary without leaving any bad impression. This is a very delicate topic, so you need to prepare your arguments and be ready to highlight your best qualities.

What should you do when you want a salary increase?

ask your manager for a meeting (one-on-one);
• to expose your positive traits;

Examples of positive traits:

long time in the company;
your quick completion of the assigned tasks;
the training you provide to incoming new employees;
your late working hours;
your good communication with colleagues/clients;
achieved goals for Q1;
reached targets;
many sales;
an offer from another company for a higher salary;

Sample scripts when you want a raise from your boss:


I have been working in the company for more than 5 years and for that time I had only one salary increase. I think I do a great job and I prove it every day. Because of the amount of work and the speed at which I handle my tasks, I think I deserve a salary increase. I have always been loyal to the company and I have achieved all the goals given to me. Please consider my request and I will expect your feedback soon.


I would like to discuss my salary For some time, I have felt undervalued in the work I do. I’ve been working for you for two years, but during that time I have not received any salary increase. I’m grateful for the opportunity that you hired me and give me a salary, but inflation is constantly rising and from there the prices of the goods. I have a family and they rely on me. I hope you understand. I’ll wait for your answer.


Recently, I accidentally received an offer for a new position in another company through Linkin. The salary they offer me there is 20% higher. I really like my job here and I would not like to change my job, but I have several loans and money plays an important role for me. If you think I deserve a 20% salary increase I would be happy to continue working for you, otherwise, I will have to accept the other offer.

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