Sample Emails to Manager for Career Growth
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Sample Emails to Manager for Career Growth

Long years pass while you’re sitting at your desk and feel that you have learned everything and now you need a change. Either it will be in a promotion in the same company or start looking for a new job in another company.
It takes a lot of courage and effort to go to your boss and ask him for a promotion.
You won’t lose anything from this, on the contrary, you will show that you want to develop and show more of your potential. To be given this chance, however, you will have to explain how you are better than your other colleagues and to prove that you’re the right person who should get this new position.
In this post, you find ideas of positive skills that you can stand out to your manager and several sample emails.

Positive skills that you can use to stand out to your manager:

perfect knowledge of the work you do;

the feeling that you can give more to the company;

positive feedback from colleagues, customers;

the training you have given to your colleagues;

great communication skills;

your dedication expressed in the overtime hours you have accumulated;

good organization;

better performance than other colleagues;

Sample emails to your manager asking for career growth


I have given a lot of energy to this company over the past few years. I think I have gained a lot of experience and potential that needs to be appreciated. I say this in relation to my desire to reconsider my current position at the company. I think I do a great job with every task assigned to me. Moreover, I believe that I have perfect organizational, communication, decision-making skills. Over the years I have learned how to handle all our systems, I have learned the whole circle of production in the company- from the initial process to the final step. In case you respect the career growth requested by me, I am ready to continue with my brilliant work, but also to show many new skills.


I have come a long way since I started in this company. I learned many important things, processes, I got to know a lot of the workers. I am writing all this because of my desire to get a promotion. It is important for me to develop in my work and it makes me feel more valuable person. I hope that you will respond to my wish and give me feedback soon.


I have been thinking for some time that I have taken many steps in this company, but I have still not received the much-desired promotion. I know the whole work process and I have always thought that I deserve appreciation for my efforts. The company is wonderful, I get along great with my colleagues, but I feel stuck for a while. I am a person who wants to develop and after all my efforts at work, I think I deserve it. I hope you understand. I will expect your feedback.

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