Sample Emails For Pregnancy Announcement To HR
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Sample Emails For Pregnancy Announcement To HR

Are you pregnant but unsure how to tell your boss or HR department? Many ladies are apprehensive about how the news will be received.
After all, informing your boss of your pregnancy may have consequences. Your employer will be concerned about your workload when you need to take maternity leave.

Sample Emails For Pregnancy Announcement


Dear Lisa,
I’m writing you this email to inform you that I’m pregnant in my second month. I would like to start my maternity leave on the 4th of May. Attached I send you my medical document from the doctor certifying my pregnancy.
Please let me know if you need more information.
Best regards,


Dear Anna,
I’m happy to announce that I’m pregnant. I’m planning to work until the 1st of November. My maternity leave will last 14 weeks. I hope all goes well and once I return I can continue in the same position with the same quality of work on my part. Of course, if you have any questions while I am on maternity leave you can contact me.
Kind regards,


Hello Sarah,
I am writing this email to let you know that I am planning to take 16 weeks of maternity leave because I am pregnant.
Thanks in advance for the opportunity to go on maternity leave and have time to devote to caring for my newborn baby.
If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.
Sincerely yours,


I’m writing to inform you of my pregnancy and the opportunity to take maternity leave. My due date is the 4th of May and I would like to request a work from home option 4 weeks before the due date. I plan to return on the 1st of December.
I will do my best to complete all current tasks before I go on maternity leave. Whatever is needed I will pass it on to my colleagues. In case there is anything to clarify you can contact me on my personal number – 1111. During the time I am on maternity leave, I will keep an eye on any new changes occurring in the company and hope to return to the normal rhythm of work quickly on my return.
Warm regards,

More Information

It is vital that you learn how to tell your employer and coworkers if you get pregnant.

There are three major pieces of legislation in the United States that affect pregnant women’s job rights. The PDA, ADA, and FMLA have all been invoked.

Businesses with more than 15 workers must follow the new regulations.

Because of your pregnancy, your company cannot fire you, deny you a promotion, refuse to hire you, or force you to transfer.

Pregnancy announcements can be made whenever it is convenient for you. A woman’s chance of miscarriage drops dramatically during the first three months of pregnancy, which is why the majority of women wait. This helps to prevent unpleasant or sensitive situations in the first 13 weeks after a loss.

Your manager may want to know right once if your severe morning sickness interferes with your ability to fulfill your job obligations. Even if you are not yet ready to notify everyone, connecting with those who need to know is crucial.

If a woman chooses to conceal her pregnancy, the “powers that be” may be the first to find out.

Coworkers who may be impacted by your absence should be told in advance so that proper preparation may be made.

The good news is that you can put off disclosing your information! For a long period of time.

It is suggested that you notify your employer after your first trimester. At 14 weeks, you can start planning for a 26-week or six-month leave of absence.

Remember that they must be ready for your departure. In such cases, they may be forced to hire a temp or train someone else to fill your role. To avoid a decrease in production, make sure your boss is fully aware of your initiatives. As a result, planning is essential.

While it is reasonable to postpone your announcement, you will be pleased you did in the long run. You’ll have a greater knowledge of what others are thinking, you’ll be aware of the advantages of pregnancy, and you’ll have someone to turn to as your stomach swells.

Notify a trustworthy coworker. A reliable companion who is capable of maintaining a secret. Notable.

You may also rely on this professional to help you communicate the situation to your supervisor and other necessary parties. It’s wonderful to have a trustworthy advisor.
You will be given an employee handbook, a short-term disability policy, and information on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Make sure you’re ready in advance in case any questions occur.

Your human resources department can help you tell your employer of your pregnancy or determine the company’s stance on such disclosures.

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