Asking for Extended Maternity Leave
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Asking for Extended Maternity Leave

In the case of a working woman who has already begun her maternity leave but requires more time to finish it for a number of reasons, she may send a letter requesting an extension of time to work. Your body may still be healing from childbirth, or your newborn may be facing medical issues that need prompt medical attention. What’s more, here’s how to write a letter asking for an extension of your maternity leave if you find yourself in need of more time away from your child or children.

Sample Emails Asking for Extended Maternity Leave


Hi Sarah,
Due to unforeseen circumstances, I need to extend my maternity leave period by 2 weeks. Could you please confirm whether I’m allowed to extend my return to work later than planned?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,


Dear Sophia,
My maternity leave is planned until the 23rd of April but I’m writing you this email to request an extension. Is it possible to come back to work on the 23rd of May?
I’m looking forward to your feedback.
Kind regards,


Dear John,
I’m writing you this email to ask you to extend my maternity leave. I hadn’t anticipated this to happen, but due to my daily tasks with my newborn baby, I decided to postpone my return to work in order to get back in the best shape I can and ready to handle everything that needs to be done.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Tim,
As you are aware, my maternity leave is planned until 15th August, but I would like to ask you if it is possible to extend it by one week?
Kind regards,

More Information

According to the National Employment Standards, employees in Australia who satisfy the requirements for unpaid parental leave are entitled to 12 months of leave following the birth of a child. It is possible to prolong your parental leave if you are an employee, even if it is unpaid, even if you are an employee. This means that you can extend your leave by the length of time you initially took off. If you plan to quit, you must provide your employer written notice of four weeks’ absence before you may do so legally.

If you originally intended to take less than 12 months of unpaid parental leave, you are not permitted to take more than 12 months of unpaid parental leave. In accordance with the Fair Work Act, your leave may be extended until the conclusion of your first 12-month period of employment (for example, from nine to twelve months). Your company is obligated to prolong your employment agreement. An extension of up to 12 months may be requested, but it must be agreed upon by both you and your employer.

If you have already taken 12 months of unpaid parental leave, you will not be able to prolong your absence beyond 24 months after your kid is born or placed with a family member or friend, unless you meet certain criteria. It is your employer’s responsibility to respond to this request within twenty-one days of receiving it.

As soon as you know for certain how long you’ll be away from work during your maternity leave, it’s vital to make an accurate estimate of how much time you’ll be away. Ideally, the letter should be written to your immediate supervisor and any other parties that may need to be informed, such as your human resource manager.

Even if the letter looks to be genuine, the receiver should sign and date the paper in order to confirm that it is genuine. Nobody will ever forget the events that led to your departure. Make a list of your thoughts and see what happens.

Your personal contact information should be clearly included in the opening paragraph of your letter to the editor. Make sure that your coworkers have the means to contact you while you are gone from the office to avoid missing important communications.

Prepare your letter of resignation by including information about your expectations for personal boundaries as you transition into parenthood. You should also include information about how you’d want your coworkers to step in to cover for you while you’re not in the office. Alternatively, if you want assistance in formatting your own letter, please refer to the sample letter provided above. These letters can be used to request maternity leave from your employer or supervisor.

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