MBA-What Is It, and Do You Need It?
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MBA-What Is It, and Do You Need It?

The MBA degree is significant for the job applicant to attain the most prospective career paths in many places. The MBA degree is a popular requirement for job vacancies at large corporations and entrepreneur projects. It is a title that comes on the resume of some higher positions in Fortune 500 companies. The CEO of Walmart, for instance, earned his MBA before applying for the job.

Many high executives in particular companies are coming with the MBA title. The degree itself, however, is not a golden ticket to the most promising career. It will also depend on the doers themselves. You will need to cover the basics for those who want to earn an MBA degree but are still wondering about the significance of having this credential and its relevance to their career path. Here you will find out what an MBA is and how it can be significant for your career.

MBA Definition

MBA is the abbreviation of Master of Business Administration. It is the title of a degree in Business Administration. The recipient of the title is the graduated one.

Those who want to conduct business research could attain a doctorate in Business or Management instead. Therefore, the title would be Doctor of Business Administration or DBA.

When to get the MBA?

To attain the MBA, the program usually lasts two years. The time is shorter if the doers participate in the particular programs full time. Sometimes, it only takes a year to finish all of the programs. There have been standard practices where it can make the MBA pursuant become much faster.

Meanwhile, the time can vary in length when students take part in part-time MBA programs.

Both full-time and part-time MBA programs are designed for working professionals. The part-time MBA programs can be an excellent choice for those who want to get their MBA credential while working.

MBA Applications and Requirements

To attain the MBA credentials, one must apply for the MBA programs first. In these applications, certain crucial documents are recommended, such as test scores, resumes, transcripts, marks, essays, and recommendation letters.

Some schools require GMAT or GRE test scores. But not all schools require you to submit the exam scores. Some B-schools require solid test scores along with a GPA. As long as your good marks have covered all relevant subjects, they will waive the last test score submission.

Depending on the regulations of the schools, some might invite you for interviews. But during this pandemic, most schools waived this action and conducted online interviews instead. They would ask you to submit a video essay. And then, they will make an appointment for you to participate in the individual discussions.

The programs are designed for college students or graduates. But other programs are purposely designed for existing work experience.

MBA Degrees

An MBA is not a standalone credential. There are different types of MBA programs that you can choose from. That includes full-time, part-time, as well as executive MBA programs.

1. Full-time MBA Programs

The full-time MBA program is an educational program that allows the participants to get programs from the basics. The participants can use these programs to accelerate their career path and switch. These focus on more intensive and all-in programs. In a nutshell, it is even friendlier for those who want to reset their career directions from entirely different domains.

2. Part-time MBA Programs

Part-time programs can be a more suitable choice for those who have been on the right career path but want to improve it. They have higher expectations of the current work. In many cases, the participants’ work can support them financially by taking the MBA program. Someone already comfortable with their current job does not want to leave their positions to pursue a full-time MBA program. Here is where the part-time MBA programs fill the gaps.

3. Executive MBA Programs

Last but not least, the executive MBA programs are for participants who are not inside the latter two circles. The right participants for these programs are business people who want to take advantage of the opportunity to improve their skills. With the new skills and knowledge they attain from the Executive MBA programs, they can jump to the next level in their overall career.

One can choose either to go for a conventional two-year MBA program or an accelerated one-year MBA program. Many have chosen the accelerated ones since they cost less than the latter. But the acceleration means that students will also work harder to handle the academic workload.

Improve your business network with the MBA programs

Getting into an MBA will give you many business opportunities, especially in building your professional network. First things first, you will expand your business networks with the environment of the program itself. You will meet with fellow peers, professors, lecturers, and the staff in the programs. Then, you will also expand your liaisons with the partners of the program. On this occasion, you will have more opportunities to improve your reach in the professional world.

Your connections will help you out in accumulating the best experience in the business world. You will learn more about how business works and the fundamental nature of business affairs on many scales.

The high MBA salaries

MBA salaries are some of the highest in the job market. Not only will you attain the MBA degree itself, but you will also learn more benefits, such as job security and a high salary in your job. You can expect to earn as much as you want when joining particular companies.

The MBA degree will also allow you to choose from several careers, including business manager, management analyst, market analyst, executive, HR manager, and other higher positions in a company.

The average salary of a professional with an MBA background is around 102,000 USD on an annual basis. There have been significant increases in wages each year.

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