Sample Emails to Your Boss About a Problem
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Sample Emails to Your Boss About a Problem

Various problems can occur during your working hours. We most often turn to our boss, because he is the person responsible for every major problem. In this post, you can find phrases to start your conversation with your boss and several sample emails to inform your boss about the problem.

When should we inform our boss that there is a problem:

1. When the problem cannot be fixed by you;

2. When you need to involve other people at a higher level in the hierarchy;

3. When the client wants to talk to your boss;

4. When you think the customer is big;

5.When you think the problem is big;

Phrases to start a conversation with your boss:

I turn to you because…
I would like to inform you…
I have a new problem with…
Our client called for a problem with…
Sorry, we have a problem with…
We have a new unpleasant situation with…
I just received an email from a customer complaining about…
I’m afraid that…
I regret to inform you that we have a new problem regarding…
I’m extremely shamed to inform you that due to my mistake we now have a problem with…
As you requested I’m sending you a complaint from our customer.
Regarding our website speed we have a new complaint in our mailbox.

Sample Emails


We have problems that, unfortunately, we cannot solve, so I had to turn to you. For several days our engineers have been trying to implement an internet connection for a client based in London, but they face issues with the outdoor internet transmitter. It is located far from the customer’s address. Could you tell us what we could do?


After multiple emails with one client, we cannot come to a consensus, so I would like you to look at the case and advise me what to do?


As of yesterday, we have a problem that our colleagues are trying to solve, but they are failing. I didn’t mean to involve you, but we have no choice. Customers are complaining and the problem is still unresolved.


I am writing you this email because I do not agree with the latest changes in the company. As we know, from tomorrow we will have to visit the office every day. I think that my work at home is at the same level, but the difference is that I have additional advantages such as:

• extra time which I would otherwise spend on the road;
• fewer distractions;
• save money;

Please reconsider your decision to continue working from home, or at least for a few days a week.


I hope the problem I’m going to tell you wouldn’t upset you so much. Due to my mistake, I sent wrong prices to a customer. The prices are lower and we are on minus from the whole deal. What would you advise me to do?

When you report your problem to your boss, you can suggest your solutions to show that you can handle difficult situations.

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